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animal transport

Animal transport dogs

Dogs are notable for their diversity of species and were among the species most frequently transported by us. The right size of the transport box plays a special role here. 

Animal transport small animals

Small animals and rodents need an import permit for some countries and are normally not allowed to travel as excess baggage, but only as freight or cargo. In some cases, custom-made boxes are required.

Animal transport reptiles

Especially the right temperatures during the trip have to be considered here. Special documents for species-protected animals must also be available.

Animal transport cats

Every cat has its own special character. It is important that all necessary health checks have been carried out in advance and that the cat feels comfortable in its box during the journey.

animal transport fish

Fast transport and timely processing of all controls is very important, especially for fish, since the water only provides limited oxygen. We will help you to prepare well and offer fast and safe processing!

Animal transport spiders

Arachnids, such as tarantulas, are an increasingly popular pet species. However, strict guidelines and good preparation are also required here when it comes to species-protected animals.

animal transport birds

If you don't want birds to fly themselves but travel with you, then special precautions need to be taken. The entry requirements in particular can be very different here.

Animal Transport Insects

Whether as a hobby or for the conservation of endangered species, these animals also come around the world. Due to the special requirements, direct advice is always the best way to plan and carry out the transport.

Animal transport zoo animals

In certain exceptional cases, zoo animals also have to move. Good logistics are also essential for reintroductions! A special, adapted transport must be carried out here.

Katze auf Grün

Each type of animal / pet transport involves a lot of information. 
Direct contact with us is guaranteed to leave no questions unanswered! 

Let us advise you directly.

Animal transport is a unique field in itself. Countless requirements and conditions in various countries, which are constantly changing, make everything look very complicated. Don't leave any questions unanswered and it's best to contact us directly so that you can get precise answers as quickly as possible. We are here to give you the best and most detailed information.

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