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Welcome to PETCARGO!

Are you looking for a way to bring your pets to another place? Do you want to travel with your animals and don't know exactly what to look out for? 

Do you have questions about customs or need help with customs applications?

As a service provider with over 20 years of experience in the field of animal transport, we offer you a safe and competent service, where we accompany you from the planning to the arrival at the destination. It doesn't matter whether you're traveling together or you're shipping your pet individually.

We are aware that a trip for animals is associated with many questions or even uncertainties and are therefore at your disposal for any kind of questions.

The well-being of the animal is our top priority, so contact our team right away and get professional advice!

For whom are our services suitable?
Here are some of the areas we serve.


Whether you are moving or your pet is traveling alone. We will help you right from the start and are available to you at all times for your individual needs


We have been working with well-known breeders for many years and help to get the animals to the new owner quickly and safely.

Hobby Breeding

What do you need if you are not a professional breeder but are still selling an animal abroad? How does customs work here? We will be happy to inform you about this!


If a transfer to another country is pending, the four-legged family members should of course come with you. We're happy to take care of it!


Are you PCSing? Whether for the German Armed Forces or the US military, we take care of the journey of the pets of individual soldiers or of specially trained animals.


The police can always count on the help of well-trained dogs. We are happy to help transport these special and helpful colleagues!


We are very happy when an animal from a home finds a new family! Therefore, we offer our help to anyone who wants to bring their new family member home.


Even with such special actions as the transport of a zoo animal, we can use our expertise to ensure that this runs smoothly.

Contact us now:


Airportring, gate 26, building 458c

60549 Frankfurt am Main

Hesse, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 69 64 35 00 75


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